2020 Acquired industrial land in Cambodia
2018 Second garment factory in Cambodia was put into production
Acquired industrial land in Vietnam to develop fabric production business
2017 First garment factory in Cambodia was put into production
Established JSON Garment Co., Ltd. to commence garment manufacturing business
2016 Headquarter relocated to Tsuen Wan Office in Hong Kong for coping with business growth
Successfully acquired the entire equity interest of Guangzhou City Panyu Water Affairs Company Limited

2013 Fabric printing factory in Enping, equipped with upgraded facilities for chemical fiber development opened and was put into production

2010 Sales reached a record high with an overall growth of 29.5%
2009 Dyeing factory in Enping was put into production
2008 Set up office in Korea for marketing and business development
Invested in spinning factory to guarantee the supply of cotton yarn which is an essential raw material
2007 Awarded ‘Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises 2007’
Established international recognised testing center
Established R&D center for fabrics
2006 Entered into a joint venture agreement to establish fabric manufacturing branch
Completed second phase of construction of power plant and water treatment plant

2005 Established Guangzhou Kam Sing Textile & Dyeing Co., Ltd. to target mainland Chinese market
2004 Listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
Newly invested yarn dyeing factory was put into production
Installed the world’s largest high-temperature dyeing unit (8,000 pounds)
2003 Invested in installation of combined heat and power generator and water and sewage treatment
Set up office in Singapore for marketing and business development
2001 Established Kam Hing Shipping to provide freight and shipping services

1999 Kam Hing was awarded ISO9001 for its businesses of knitting, bleaching and dyeing and finishing
1998 Kam Hing Piece Works was incorporated to serve the Group in sales and marketing
1997 Kam Hing Textiles acquired the entire equity interest of a sino-foreign cooperative joint venture in

fabric dyeing and finishing in Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Established Kam Hing Panyu

1996 Kam Hing Textiles was established in Hong Kong by the Tai brothers